Teen Love

Manju Sara Rajan

Today, romance is a preoccupation with urban teenagers who are not yet 14. They must survive this minefield without deep wounds. How much can parents do?

Gay Teens, Rising

Even the most liberal parents are finding it difficult to consider the possibility that their child may be gay

Look Ma! I’m Hot

What would your infant say if he were running a temperature? But this dress can scream, ‘Hey, he’s running a fever’

Barcelona: 1; Ignorance: 0

A Spanish football club is running a school in Andhra Pradesh to educate children and spot sporting talent

Papas Don’t Play

The impending fatherhood of Federer and the general fate of champions after they become fathers

Polls are Child’s Play

Research on polling choices suggests appearance counts far more than substance

Mother Superior?

Mothers think they are the centre of their children’s universe. Alas, they find they are not

Two Kids, Four Lives

The 'Slumdog' kids are leading schizoid lives. Where a billion brownies failed, Danny Boyle is winning. Why is it that some of us are still the white man’s burden?

The World according to Children

Life, love, India, world, violence, politics, ice-cream: what’s on their minds


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