caste divide

Kareena’s Groom Rides a Mare

Rahul Pandita

A small intervention by the police has changed an unwritten code of caste discrimination in a corner of Rajasthan

Measures for Measurement

Judging development progress is easier said than done

The Unwinnable Argument

Why Article 15 comes in unfairly for flak from both upper castes and Dalits

On the Run

A classic tale of oppression provides a visceral understanding of caste violence

Cultural Exorcism

Liberating India from the ghost of Orientalism

The Storm That Stirred a Caste Cauldron

Cyclone Thane did not just devastate Puducherry and large parts of Tamil Nadu, it also ripped open hostilities between castes

A Tale of Two Mosques

Caste divides Muslims in a village ironically called Allahpur


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