God and Machine

Gillian Wright

Technology creates circles of hell in Manjula Padmanabhan’s latest in a science fiction series

A City in Memory

Predictability makes a ruckus in Kunal Basu’s new novel

Taliban in Jane Austen’s London

The story of an unknown founder of modern Iran and his love for England

Reporter’s Diary

Angst apart, Barkha Dutt’s first book is rich in atmospherics and hyperbole

The Poet and the Pause

Jeet Thayil’s collected poems chart the evolution of a man and his art in all its splendidness

The Case for Debate

Indian political discourse is not a lost cause. A good grounding in an old tradition could inspire a revival, argues the political philosopher Bhikhu Parekh

The Young Gandhi

A biography puts the budding leader’s ambivalence over human equality to scrutiny

Lost in the City

The sequel to Shantaram is irredeemably caught between pulp and literary

Everywoman Extraordinaire

This passionate tribute to Smita Patil celebrates the actress’ great instinct and intensity


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