Anna and the RSS

Dhirendra K Jha

Team Anna has questioned the veracity of ‘BJP’s Team B’, a report published in Open’s issue of 20 February. Here is our reply

BJP’s Team B

The mask is off. Anna Hazare and his lieutenants are batting for the BJP

Gadkari is Not in the Race for the PM’s post, Just for the Record

The BJP president’s support for Narendra Modi shows that the race for the party’s PM-probable is still far from closed

Terminal Decline

The Shiv Sena has rallied and riled Mumbaikars for half a century. But its end might be near

High Stakes Game in Karnataka

With Sriramulu winning the Bellary bypoll, the Reddy group gets ready to dare the BJP

Why Vajpayee Still Looms Large

The BJP has no dearth of leaders, but none who can lead it to another stint in power

Wheels within Wheels

The BJP wants to keep its bid for power simple, but LK Advani’s yatra and Narendra Modi’s fast have a complex context

The Post-Anna Political Arena

The Lokpal issue, as Rahul Gandhi appears to fear, has left the Congress at risk of losing its young urban voters. But whether the BJP will gain them is not clear

The Munde Muddle

Why the OBC leader wants to leave the BJP, but can’t

Self-Goal Parivar

The BJP has worked hard this past week: jumping to Baba Ramdev’s support before deciding the party line on the man, demanding a special session of Parliament on corruption, re-inducting Uma Bharati. Not to mention, dancing gracelessly at an ill-attended satyagraha in Delhi


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