Dalit: The Overcomers

Kumar Anshuman

A warmer Dalit story beyond the familiar narrative of discrimination, dispossession and brutalisation. Open portrays lives that have turned adversity into opportunity

Migrant Workers in Kerala: The Stigma

Migrant workers in Kerala face difficult times in the wake of the arrest of one of them in a sensational murder case

From Court to House

As national parties increasingly find themselves fighting legal battles, influential lawyers walk away with Rajya Sabha nominations

Mohammad Shahabuddin: The Jail Superintendent

How the RJD don Shahabuddin made Siwan jail his political headquarters

The Faulty Genes’ Stupid Offspring

Why sons of politicians do not get away with murder unlike their parents

Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad: The Fraying of Brotherhood

What has gone wrong between Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad?

Shambhu Baba: A Saint Is Sighted

The meteoric rise of Shambhu Baba, the latest addition to the list of godmen from Mithilanchal in Bihar. And he is too sacred to be photographed

Dalits: Stand up and Be Counted

Dalits across the states are refusing to be anybody’s vote bank

The Farcical Society

On Bihar doing away with its toilet-at-home eligibility criterion to contest polls


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