Classic Power Play

Arshia Sattar

A vintage satirical gem from Bihar

Why Nitish Seems Ready to Return to NDA

Bihar CM’s return as JD(U) chief set into motion yet another re-alignment in Patna as Congress’s refusal to consider Kumar for a key role in INDIA alliance irked the party

Peripheral Vision

A photographer looks at dalit lives through the lens of intimacy and isolation

Searching for Orwell

Fantasy and reality tell of a struggling writer from Bihar

A Whiff of Mandal

The Opposition’s demand for a caste-based census is a desperate gambit to splinter Modi’s Hindu constituency

Nitish’s Misplaced Mission

It will take more than the Bihar chief minister’s enthusiasm to ensure opposition unity

A High Watermark for Bihar

In a state scarred by drought and floods, a scheme converting floodwater into drinking water has brought in a wave of relief

Patna to Purnia

Difficult truths from Bihar concealed within acceptable homilies

Bihar: No Cheers

On hooch tragedies and Bihar’s failing experiment with prohibition

Darbhanga Calling

With minimal budgets and skeletal crews, indie filmmakers from Bihar tell of dreams and displacement, love and revolt


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