Books: Best of 2016

Nandini Nair

From the architecture of the gene to the oral histories of men and women in the former USSR, this year’s best books reveal what it is to be human

A Spanking New Bestseller

This could have been a Mills & Boon novel, but for its sado-masochistic twist. So what is it about this cliché-ridden book that is driving women in hordes to read it?

When Jeffrey Archer Writes His 13th Draft

That’s the right time to send it to the editor, says the bestseller man who writes in complete silence and pure isolation

One Mistake of My Life

During a stint at a publishing firm, the author shared the dubious distinction of rejecting what has since become India’s biggest publishing sensation. Paperback copies, lining shelves of bookstores, still seem to mock her judgement.

The MBA Writer

Rejection slip after rejection slip almost led The Immortals of Meluha to an ignominious death before it rose to become an instant chartbuster. Amish Tripathi on being the author of an unexpected bestseller.


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