The Abandoned: Why Nobody Wants the Rohingya

Naimul Karim

A report from the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

Rohingya: The Exodus

The Rohingya fleeing military repression in Myanmar may have found temporary shelter in Bangladesh but the crisis is not over yet, and it is more than humanitarian

Rohingyas: Home Has to be Elsewhere

Why India cannot afford to welcome Rohingyas in spite of the humanitarian crisis

Stay East, Young Man

The problem of illegal immigration from Bangladesh is complex but not unsolvable

Open Diary

The memory of an Indira era presidential poll and the forgotten leadership of Syama Prasad Mookerjee

Movie Review: The Ghazi Attack

To set a film almost entirely in the claustrophobic confines of a war machine, and to keep your attention fixed on it, needs high quality writing

Alone and Away

Taslima Nasrin’s unending search for home

Elsewhere in History

A Bangladeshi writer discovers the East

Kishoreganj, Dhaka: The Death of Joy

Kishoreganj, Dhaka and the rite of memory in the age of terror


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