The Relevance of Lord Rama

Lakshmi Bayi

On why the quest for the ideal man ended with Him

I, the Hindu

A religion regains its pride

The Awakening

The Ram temple offers itself as an opportunity for a new generation to think for themselves about this wave of history and faith that has washed in, sweeping away a great amount of historical angst and refuse

The Original Existential Hero

We stay with Rama-the-human because of his resemblance to us

A Year in the Life of Ayodhya

Events that have followed the Ram Rath Yatra of 1990, culminating in August 2020, are a collective testimony to LK Advani’s strategic thinking

Modi Redeems a Sacred Pledge in Ayodhya

What the Ram Temple does is to link nationhood to a deeper and longer perspective, incorporating INDIA’S entire cultural inheritance, from antiquity to the present

Return to the Ideal City

There was no room for falsities in the welfare state of Rama as depicted in the epic

The Great Indian Way

The rebuilding of the Ram temple is the triumph of resacralisation

Modi, Ram and the Temple

It was as if political Hinduism’s first citizen wanted to liberate Ram from the aggressions and grievances of Hindutva, and dedicate him to the nation

Ram: The Ideal Pop Culture Icon

The dynamism and creativity of a people who see Ram as their own prince, friend, son or brother will prevail


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