A Hindu Restoration

Rajeev Deshpande

The ASI report’s conclusion that a large temple pre-existed the Gyanvapi Mosque has triggered a fresh upsurge of Hindu sentiment after the Ram Mandir

Sacred Land Rush

Ayodhya ignites a real estate boom across India’s temple towns

Harnessing the Sun

A new rooftop solar scheme is expected to offer consumer incentives and put an end to populism

Sole Searching

The enduring power of Brand Modi

A Temple of Sovereignty and Nationhood

How Modi steered the expressions of raw anger into an articulation of national pride

God’s Politician

Modi’s reclamation of all things Hindu was part of a larger project of deconditioning and decolonisation

Chandrakant B Sompura: Inspired Hands

The Ram Mandir architect’s family has been designing temples for generations

Humble in Victory

The consequences of the consecration must reflect sacred virtues

Unity In Divinity

A dispatch from the streets of the holy city


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