‘Alcoholism Is a Disease,’ says Ben Affleck

Noel de Souza

Noel de Souza in conversation with Ben Affleck

The Drunken Rats of Bihar

Or: the other side of prohibition

Let’s Not Demonise Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes may not play for his country again. But that would be a shame, given that we taught him not to take things lying down, to never give up, to never roll over and die, to fight till the last breath

In High Spirits

A fascinating journey across cultures charts the life and evolution of alcohol and its influence

That heady feeling

Why falling in love and getting drunk often feels the same

Marijuana: Joint action

The campaign for the legalisation of marijuana gathers momentum

Alcohol and Evolution

Our primate ancestors developed an ability to consume alcohol 10 million years ago

Your Brain on Booze

Excess alcohol does not necessarily kill brain cells, it inhibits the formation of new memories

The New Genie in the Bottle

It’s bonanza time for booze buyers in Andhra Pradesh, as liquor marketers ply them with all sorts of freebies to raise consumption.

God’s Own Drunk Country

The Kerala government is doing a deft balancing act of selling booze and opening de-addiction centres at the same time.


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