Will History Too Retreat?

Jason Burke

Warning as American Troops Withdraw: Modernise Afghanistan at Your Own Peril

An Afghan Moment

A minor football victory over India for news tickers, a major cause of jubilation for Afghans

Afghanistan after 2014

Global pessimism is both unfounded and unhelpful

History is in the Telling

Dalrymple’s book is well researched, but that still doesn’t mean we take his account at face value

Prophets of Freedom

Stories of the extraordinary women of Afghanistan

The woman who the Taliban and the NATO fear

Meet Shukria Barakzai, a leading advocate of women’s rights in Afghanistan who wants to run for the country’s top office in 2014

Video Letters from Kabul

How three young Afghan women filmed their lives with videocams

A Snatched Home

The diary of an Afghan who fled his country after being accused of spying against the Italian forces posted there

Kabul Express

A fascinating account of the Afghan cricket team’s journey to the international arena

Bamiyan Fragments Tell a Tale

New findings on how the statues were constructed and coloured


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