Kabul Falling

TCA Raghavan

A ringside view of the collapse of Afghanistan

Aligarh Almanac

A coming-of-age memoir about grief and hope

Risen from the Rubble

Afghanistan make an impact as giant killers

A Pollution-Free Delhi?

“Please note the date and year”

Afghanistan Learn the Winning Habit

The clinical victory over Sri Lanka shows the minnows are no longer push overs but are showing more pedigreed sides how to play and win on Indian pitches

How Afghanistan Stung England

Afghans displayed superior tactics and a fierce desire to win as master striker Rashid Khan started his spell only in the 16th over and ended the English resistance by the 41st over

Modi’s Muslim Model

A political masterclass in reversing the narrative

The Unending Cycle of Terror

Terrorist groups daily remind Pakistan of the terrible price its security personnel and civilians are paying

‘I write more with my ears than my eyes,’ says Mohsin Hamid

Mohsin Hamid’s new book upends the idea of racial categories. He speaks about why his novels are love stories

Dhruva Jaishankar says formal ties with Kabul unlikely in near future

The author-analyst is worried about the role of the Haqqani Network and others in launching attacks on Indians within Afghanistan


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