Aditya Chopra

Mardaani 2 Movie Review

Ajit Duara

The movie is more of a horror story told from the perspective of a deranged killer

War Movie Review

This film affirms the maxim that slickness alone does not an action movie make

A Mentor like No Other

New Peaks to Conquer | No Reward for Loyalty

Fans Come First for Ranveer

Worth a Second Chance? | No Penny-Pinching Here

Exploring New Pastures

Waiting for a Comeback | The Wrong Influence

The Unknown Boss

Time Management | One for the Masses

Wanted: A Lady for Aamir

Like Father, Like Son | The Singles-Only Man

Clash of Egos

Khan Do It All | Not Forgiven, Not Forgotten

Befikre Review

The movie is the same old mundane, post modern angst about the impossibility of separating love and lust that we have seen in Hindi films over the last few years


Desperate Measures | Love Actually?


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