Aditya Chopra


Rajeev Masand

Desperate Measures | Love Actually?

Jailhouse Rock

Past Perfect | Role Mole

One Lucky Break to Stardom

Time to Get Serious? • Two Filmmakers in the Dumps

Sucker Punched Again

Sleuthing and Slacking • The Actor Who’s Leading a Double Life

Sanjay’s Sulk

A Case of Butterflies • Maiden Voyage in Troubled Waters

Aditya-Rani Wedding

Reportedly, the couple could not wed earlier because Yash and Pamela Chopra were fond of Aditya

Bollywood’s Own ‘Fairytale’

Bollywood’s Own ‘Fairytale’ • Imran Introspects • A Take Too Late

Let’s Not Ask Her Screen Age

Let’s Not Ask Her Screen Age • Tears of Luck • To Act or Not To Act

First among Sequels

First among Sequels • Mr Decisive • Tubby Trouble


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