Aamir Khan

Secret Superstar Movie Review

Ajit Duara

Meher Vij has taken the film to a special emotional zone,  stealing the show from Zaira Wasim and Aamir Khan

Don’t Jump the Gun

Westward Bound | Conditional Stardom

How Aamir Became Fat

Old Wounds Seldom Heal | Too Cocky, Too Soon

A Serious Shot at Acting

Queuing Up for Hrithik | Desperately Seeking a Hero

Exploring New Pastures

Waiting for a Comeback | The Wrong Influence

Aamir Khan, Actor

Passion Player

Scheduling Woes

Price Tags | Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Wanted: A Lady for Aamir

Like Father, Like Son | The Singles-Only Man

Battling the Gods

In Indian cinema, atheists become believers by the end of the film

Shah Rukh Khan: The Image Trap

The message that Raees’ fate at the box office will send Shah Rukh Khan


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