01 Oct, 2019 - 07 Oct, 2019
Vol 11 | Issue 40


Modi Hits America

James Astill

And Trump hugs him back...

Is Nirmala Sitharaman Listening?

Ashok V Desai

She has emerged as the leading spokesperson on economic and financial matters

The Partisan from Bengal

Swapan Dasgupta

A Left-leaning actor declines a national award from the Modi Government

Howdy, Gandhi

S Prasannarajan

There will always be a Gandhian piece of wisdom to make your politics not retro-cool but smart and urgent

Rahul Gandhi in Hibernation

Jayanta Ghosal

His only political activity seems to have been visiting his constituency in Kerala twice after the Lok Sabha election

King and the Mahatma

Vinay Lal

Gandhi in African American eyes

A Small Still Voice

Tridip Suhrud

It is the capacity to hear the inner voice that for Gandhi reveals the distance he has traversed in his quest. Each invocation of the inner voice indicated to him his submission to God. This listening required proximity with oneself. This proximity could be attained through the practice of ahimsa

Guru Darshan

Ullekh NP

The 1925 dialogue between Mahatma Gandhi and Sree Narayana Guru was a pleasant precursor to the acrimonious Gandhi-Ambedkar debate of the 1930s

From Margin to Centre

Nonica Datta

Jawaharlal Nehru hailed the Amritsar Congress as the first ‘Gandhi Congress’. It was in 1919 that the young Jawaharlal became Gandhi’s lieutenant and organised relief work in the Punjab. Thus began one of the most critical and longest political partnerships of modern India

The Dharmic State

Bibek Debroy

The excesses of state intervention in India have been justified in the name of Gandhi. That’s because he has often been reduced to a face on a currency note, or a remembrance fetish twice a year

Sex and the Saint

Madhavankutty Pillai

In every domain of life, he was a player of infinite games and, therefore, his worldview becomes, in some ways, quite inaccessible to us. We have to remember that one of the litmus tests of Gandhi, and he’s absolutely firm about it, is that you never do anything to someone else that you do not first do to yourself. You never make a demand of someone else that you do not first make of yourself

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