Guest Column

Pandemic Poems

Aman Nath

Airy Queries | Where Are We, then? | Without Map | A Taste of Doom | Virus of Hope

Love and Literature in the Time of Cholera

Alexander Pushkin used quarantine to write a few of his greatest works

Are We Waiting for a Miracle?

The race to a vaccine for the coronavirus is on—and it may not be over soon

How Did Indian History Become Myth?

Rama’s memory lives on because of his extraordinary life and persona

The Genocide Men of 1971

The fates of those responsible for mass murder in East Pakistan

The Death Dance of Coronavirus

How a tiny virus has made geographical boundaries and GDPs irrelevant

Better Safe than Sorry

How to control the pandemic by preventing its spread

‘We will see redoubled efforts at infiltration, recruitment and weaponisation of militants’

Former Government interlocutor on J&K Radha Kumar weighs in on the repeal of Article 370

The Bliss of Dying

Even though feared and often unwelcomed, death is indeed blissful

Phantoms in the head

Fear is a fundamental fact of life but all great achievers overcome it


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