Post-Brexit UK: The Eternal Battle

Sunanda K Datta-Ray

Memories of futile heroism and the politics of reckless morality in post-Brexit UK

Fear and Freedom in the Divided Kingdom

And the outsider as tragic hero even in victory

Brexit: An English Romance

In Brexit the world has witnessed a clash of civilisations—and a vindication of Enoch Powell

Absolutely Boris

The man chiefly responsible for Britain’s decision to leave the European Union would probably prefer it to remain

Britain: Wish Us Luck

The tradition of liberal democracy is under threat in Britain

Ataturk Airport Attack: Museum of Dissonance

The Ataturk airport attack is just the latest symptom of Turkey’s affliction

Last Rhino Standing

The demise of Sudan could mean permanent extinction for the Northern White rhinoceros

Omar Mateen and the Clash of American Dreams

The Orlando killer may have pledged his allegiance to ISIS but there is more to his hatred and violence

Hinduism in American Textbooks: Culture of Complaint

An ideological tussle develops over references to India and Hinduism in American textbooks

Kohinoor: Romancing the Stone

Why the British are not really thinking about giving the Kohinoor (or anything else) back


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