There is Just One Issue: Kashmir

Mehr Tarar

Pakistan would not be able to have internal and external peace unless its relationship with India is stabilised

A Matter of Good Taste

Between the Trump pornography and the Hillary wonkery. Obama won a Nobel for not being George W. Hillary may win the presidency for not being Trump

Death of a Child

The Jain community should take responsibility for a 13-year-old’s fatal 68-day fast


In many ways, Modi has sought to transform the ossified culture of India’s capital

The Pleasures of Melancholy

It is a reflective sorrow, the mood of a creative person. It leads to the desire to be alone

Of Pain and Palate

An epidemic can take us back to the traditional wisdom on what we eat

Rumble in a Political Jungle

How much longer before India too falls prey to the darker side of conservation?

Stumped by the Umpire

The difficult question of making BCCI answerable

Between Shouters and Doubters

India is the loser in the clash between soapbox nationalists and self-righteous proof-seekers

Open Diary

‘Declinology’ is a favourite Bengali pastime


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