Vivek Menon

Vivek Menon is executive director and CEO, Wildlife Trust of India

The Berryline is a beautiful green jewel with rufous red wings and tail
A Hymn to Hummingbirds

Is it the colour, the size or the frenetic lifestyle that defines the very loveliest things in nature?

23 November 2016
A poached rhino carcass at Askari Game Lodge in South Africa
Rumble in a Political Jungle

How much longer before India too falls prey to the darker side of conservation?

12 October 2016
The Amakihi feeds on the scarlet blooms of the Ohea with a bill suited to drink nectar
Honeycreepers in the Land of Fire

Learning about the evolution of birds

14 September 2016
Climate change is forcing polar bears out of their traditional habitat
A Global Warning

Retreating Arctic ice caps, the plight of the polar bears and the question of speciation in a summer of forebodings

01 September 2016
A clouded leopard in captivity
Caging the Beast

What is captivity to a living being? Is it only an animal in a zoo that suffers? Or do wild animals feel captive in the wild too?

14 July 2016
Sudan with his caretakers at the Ol Pejeta
Last Rhino Standing

The demise of Sudan could mean permanent extinction for the Northern White rhinoceros

22 June 2016
MILK OF ROYAL KINDNESS: Kate and William feed elephant calves at the Kaziranga rescue centre as the columnist looks on
WillKat and the Endearing Eleven of Kaziranga

The royal couple makes a difference in the animal kingdom too

20 April 2016
Revelation Diptychin full throated glee, Mayodia, Arunachal Pradesh (Photo: VIVEK MENON)
A Cockney Chaffinch and the Art of Birdsong

What do bird calls do to human minds? Our brains store away the aural backgrounds to our lives and when we hear strange, unfamilar sounds, we feel alienated. In this personal aural mindscape of ours, birds play a major part

08 March 2016
The Tiger, The Tusker And a Forest Guard

Watching her from our elephant-back vantage, there was a peace that was starting to descend on that wretched Dhikala chaur. The chital went back to their grass. The elephant breathed slowly, then slower, and then no more. The tigers of Corbett had claimed their largest victim yet

03 February 2016


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