Somak Ghoshal

Somak Ghoshal is an editor and writer based in Bengaluru

Derrick Cross, 1983
Eye Witness
Robert Mapplethorpe: Fire and Light

The hypnotic aura of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs triumphs over petty public morality

27 March 2019
Sita by Jyoti Bhatt, silver gelatin print (1974)
Eye Witness
Camera as Sketchbook

Rediscovering Jyoti Bhatt, the chronicler of living traditions

21 February 2019
Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci was auctioned for $450.3 million this year, making it the most expensive piece of art in history
New Year 2018 Double Issue
Is Art Priceless?

When beauty goes under the hammer

21 December 2017
Bhupen Khakhar
Art & Culture
You Can’t Please All

A recent storm raised in a teacup points to contemporary India’s uneasy relationship with a culture of reviewing

29 June 2016
Works by McCurry displayed at a news kiosk in Paris
Steve McCurry: Altered Reality for Art’s Sake

The photographer Steve McCurry is on trial for digital manipulation. He is in good company

19 May 2016
Avinash Chandra (COURTESY: DAG MODERN)
Avinash Chandra: The Disappearing Artist

Avinash Chandra’s work is riveting, often for its shocking amorality

20 April 2016
E. Alkazi in the titular role of Tartuffe in Moliere’s Tartuffe, Theatre Unit, Bombay, 1960
Ebrahim Alkazi: The Idealist

Ebrahim Alkazi’s lifelong project was to burst the seemingly exclusive bubble in which the appreciation of art and theatre appeared to take place

06 April 2016
Art & Culture
The Mark of A Modernist

Although Nasreen Mohamedi lost most of her motor functions, she did manage to retain control over her right hand. Her last work remains ethereal, meticulous but also filled with palpable gravitas

16 March 2016
Art & Culture
Master of the Moment

Satish Gujral’s work casts a spell on viewers with its transformative power. While he infuses humanity and warmth into the images of his subjects, his self-portraits are more brutal, depicting a range of emotions by deft modulation of tones and textures

17 February 2016
India Art Fair 2016: Less Is More

Indian artists may not have set hearts aflutter but those from Pakistan and Nepal added spice to the local flavours

03 February 2016


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