Art & Culture

In Conversation: Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma

Avantika Bhuyan

The maestro on his album ‘Call of the Valley,’ studio and days in Kashmir

All the Urdu that Mao Inspired

Zhang Shixuan is Chinese. And writes Urdu poetry. How did the twain meet?

The Intermission

The Hindi film industry, till recently, had so much cash that even alternate cinema was being funded. But now, recession has changed something

Once upon a Summer

Try our summer reading picks for kids, titles for the young and nimble, who are now on the loose

Candid Wedding

The big shutterbug shift from posed stiffness to emotional melodrama

‘What Is It to the Corpse If the Maggots Nip?’

She had three names, and was famous in all of them. Poet Kamala Das, who wrote in Malayalam under the penname Madhavikutty, passed away on 31 May in Pune

In Conversation with Mahesh Dattani

Dattani is getting back to writing stage plays. He talks of his how his work has helped him evolve

Singing along with Tori Amos

Tori Amos may be the favourite of the intellectual college-going lass, but her latest album shows she's a force to be reckoned with

A Brush with Fame

Suresh lives on the streets of Mumbai. He also likes to draw. What does he think of our great artists on display at the NGMA?

How the West Won

A chance visit to a film museum turns the arclights on a century-old fight in the US film industry. A tussle that becomes more dramatic if seen through the lens of a new one


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