Making a Shikhandi of Jaswant’s Jinnah

Hartosh Singh Bal

The unceremonious expulsion of this last survivor of the Vajpayee era smacks of a BJP desperate to shirk the blame for its poll debacle.

Undying Memories

Isn’t there something just a little probable about life after death?

Why the BJP Loves Jinnah

What’s with the BJP’s obsession with Jinnah? First LK Advani and now Jaswant Singh have gone out on a limb to say something charitable about the man.

How the Other Half Lives

The act of history that gave us our independence in fact created two independent nations. A view from across the border.

Jana Gana Reflex

Is nationality really personal? What does it mean for me to be Indian? What does it mean to be Indian now, after 62 independent years?

The Smiles that Win the War

The most patriotic Indians are the Baltis of Turtuk in Ladakh, the only part of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir that we ever managed to wrest back

Who Is an Indian Nuclear Scientist?

The Department of Atomic Energy receives thousands of applications from desperate candidates. Job interviews could be eventful

Monkey Cap in the Bag

What is the source of the travel virus that Bengalis are infected with?

A Beautiful Mind

We may never have noticed, but John von Neumann has affected our everyday lives in many more ways than Freud or Einstein ever could

It’s All about Us

The total solar eclipse is possible because the Sun and the Moon are almost the same size in the sky. Is it more than just an intriguing coincidence?


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