How I Write

Shruti Ravindran

‘Writing is like a Fancy Drug That’s Hard to Score and Harder to Quit’ ~ Mohammed Hanif

‘Writing has a Religious Character’

Aatish Taseer believes writing is an ‘intense form of concentration’, and when immersed in it, he often feels he can live without friends, family or lovers

‘Life without Writing Bores Me’

Gruelling research is just preparation for that moment when the story comes to possess him, says Amitav Ghosh

The Blog Is Endangered. Again

The obituary of the blog is being written again with the runaway success of Twitter. But, this is perhaps just the pause before it shifts shape again

The Write Stuff

Deserted by her muse, Aditi Aanand signed up for a writing class in New York. And many a short story and haiku later, discovered that writing is really a contact sport, not a solitary activity

Writing the Revolution

When it comes to Naxal literature, the outsider’s gaze inevitably seems touristy and impatient. Turn to the accounts of insiders for the real thing

Write Like a Dancer

How artiste Chandralekha’s refusal to separate art and life inspired my parallel careers, one drawing upon the other

Chicken Goop

A workshop on how to write the soul stirring stuff has this correspondent choking at the broth dished out. With laughter, that is.

‘Indian Writing in English has Become Boring’

Hanif Kureishi on writing, racism and radical Islam.

Smashed Hard

Andre Agassi casts out the demons of his past by writing about his cursed tryst with the sport that made him an icon.


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