Hari Kunzru: ‘The border is not a nice place right now for anybody with brown skin’

Rahul Pandita

A writer in a polarised world. Hari Kunzru talks about his art and politics in a conversation with Rahul Pandita

The Fall of Man in the Age of Anger

What makes this text an indispensible addition to the canon of intellectual histories is not just the urgency of its argument but the delightful march-past of writers

Jerry Pinto: Bombay Central

There are Indian writers in English and there are regional writers of the vernacular. Jerry Pinto is among the rare few who straddles both worlds.

Karan Mahajan: Explosive Imagination

There is a certain smartness to this Delhi-raised writer’s work that has made him the toast in literary circles.

Sunil Khilnani: Discovering India

He has once again established his credentials as a leading public intellectual with his book Incarnations: India in 50 Lives

What a Tamasha!

Nothing was sacred for the writer who never aged

The Bar Dancer Who Became a Writer

Shagufta Rafique became a sex worker at the age of 17, joined bar-dancing some years later, and now finds success as a film scriptwriter

The Accidental Author

One of the country’s most popular romance writers, Ravinder Singh is as unabashed about being a writer who doesn’t read as he is about being a male writer of romances

When a Hero Crumbles

An encounter with feminist writer Germaine Greer

Still Quite a Quiverful

Jeffrey Archer has no clue what makes great literature but is never short of stories to tell


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