William Shakespeare

Peter Brook (1925-2022): The Epic Storyteller

Kaveree Bamzai

The man who staged the Mahabharata for the world

An English Sense of Ending

The magic of Mark Rylance and the fading of Shakespeare

Shakespeare and Company

The localisation of the bard as a cultural study

We Want No Caesars

What Indian politicians can learn from Shakespeare’s play

Shakespeare: My Master’s Voice

I went to Shakespeare’s burial place in Stratford when we had gone with Hamlet for a three-week tour to the UK. I said a little prayer. I don’t believe in god or religion, I asked for something which is now between me and him

James Shapiro: World’s a Stage

The most imaginative reinterpretations of the Bard are being seen in Asia, says the foremost Shakespeare scholar James Shapiro

Shakespeare: Favourite Lines From the World’s Most Quoted Writer

Full of sound and fury, signifying everything

Macbeth: Out, Out, Brief Candle!

Macbeth is the drama of ambition rising from the ash of ethics. We live today in a different age from Macbeth and the king he betrayed and assassinated

Shakespeare: The Play’s the Thing

He understands the personal better than a shrink and the political better than a pundit. He explains it all better than a sage. An Open celebration of the world’s greatest storyteller


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