The Hunter’s Nature

Ranjit Lal

The enduring aura of Jim Corbett

Licensed to Kill

Nawab Shafath Ali Khan is the man officials turn to when wild beasts terrorise rural communities

The Come Back Cat

Seven decades after it vanished from India, the cheetah is set to return this November. Some conservationists fear it will upset the Indian ecological balance

How Many Leopards Does India Have?

Till we can answer that there is no good estimate of how many have been killed

Ode to Nature

A journey across Asia’s most beautiful wildernesses

“There are more people out there looking for wild meat”

K Ullas Karanth, an authority on tigers, in conversation with V Shoba

After the Inferno

On an island off Adelaide, bush fire wreaks havoc on the future of wildlife

Hope in Masai Mara-Serengeti

Spotting caracals in Africa

Tailing the Tapir

The animal is treasured for evolutionary stability

Creatures Great and Small

Beastly tales in fiction


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