West Bengal

Hell Is Not the Other

Kanchan Gupta

Bengal’s traditions of inclusiveness are at stake

Where Politics Is Passion

The trick in an election is to balance the national appeal with local faces. Language matters, and often doesn’t matter

Walking the Campaign

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Mamata Banerjee for her disciplined physical exercise regimen

The Mother of All Elections

A fierce do-or-die confrontation between the doughty Mamata Banerjee and the BJP

BJP’s Bengal Favourite

Suvendu Adhikari is getting prime importance in the BJP, which he has just joined

What if…

Bose had returned home in 1945 and won the General Elections of 1957?

Pawar Point

If the grapevine is to be believed, Pawar is in constant touch with Mamata Banerjee as he wants her to return to power by trouncing the BJP in the upcoming Assembly election

TCA Raghavan


Bengali Flavour

An appeal for swadeshi

Next Target West Bengal

What lessons for Bengal can the BJP learn from Bihar?


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