The Captives of Kashmir

Sumantra Bose

The Valley beyond the politics of victimhood

Mathura Violence: Bose Speakers

Ram Briksh Yadav of Mathura wasn’t the first leader of a cult to exploit Subhas Chandra Bose’s appeal for sectarian ends

The Enigma of Evil

This realistic portrait of post-traumatic madness is a moral fable as well

The Genetics of Violence

Researchers have discovered two human genes that are linked to extremely violent behaviour

For a Piece of Land

As Saharanpur becomes another communal flashpoint in Uttar Pradesh, we follow the fault lines in a still volatile town

A Violent Music

From drinking goat blood to worshipping Satan, the story of Indian metal bands and how they have mellowed in recent times

The Divide and the Design

The violence in Kishtwar bears the signs of an orchestrated plan to create a Kashmir Valley-like situation in this part of Jammu

The Case for Porn

A writ petition to make watching porn a non-bailable offence has got everything upside down

An Abduction That Changed Assamese Literature

Writer Indira Goswami made a significant literary contribution to Assam’s peace process. It was through her efforts that writing by militants, initially shunned by the people, gained a central place in the Assamese imagination


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