The Bloodlust

Sukhada Tatke

Short stories on the violence of big and small kinds

Hate Wave in Delhi

Two days of rage and rampage in the National Capital. A Dispatch

CAA: A Moral Amendment

The CAA is the only hope of survival that the 17 million Hindus still left in Bangladesh can clutch at

On the Run

A classic tale of oppression provides a visceral understanding of caste violence

The First Victim

Understanding systemic violence against women in India

Range of the Radical

Two books explore the influence of Salafism

Guns Versus Butter

The world of rebel violence is better understood through data and empirical studies than ideological concerns

Into the Forbidden Zone

The cost of conflict across the Line of Control

Kerala: Politics of Bloodlust

Violence between the Left and the Right in Kerala shows no sign of ending despite their secret parleys

Confessions of a Football Hooligan

The emotional hurt of supporting England and other acts of violence


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