Business Briefing 29/08


IRCTC clocks $1 billion in revenues; Fortis acquisitions; Toyota’s small car; America’s debt Everest

Statue of Debility

The trust deficit between India and the US is unmistakable. What is it about America’s South Asia policy that gives the sense India has been downgraded?

“The US will be back in a big way”

Deutsche Bank Research CEO Norbert Walter talks about the recession and America’s place in the global order

Resisting the Trade Spaghetti Bowl

The threat to a revival of the Doha Round comes from the US, which may undercut the multilateral regime by making bilateral deals with developing countries

Iraq’s New Day

Amid celebrations in Iraq on the partial withdrawal of US forces from urban areas, the case for optimism still gasps for fresh air

New York

Tautly paced, with little room for sentimentality, this is serious cinema about being brown in post 9/11 America

Six Simple Ways to Get a Green Card

A guide on how to make the US your new home, real quick

Guns and Poses

The US exerts strict controls on war photography. Correspondents go embedded with military units. And the Pentagon plays photo editor. Call it war choreography


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