Who’s That Girl?

Nikhil Taneja

American TV’s ‘new girl’ is half-Indian, proud of it, and strives to make herself ethnically ambiguous

The American Autumn

The wave of protests in American cities has been variously panned as leaderless, rudderless, purposeless... but perhaps America is rediscovering the messy nature of democracy

The American with a Marathi Aai

She had heard chilling tales of the Indian monster-in-law even in the US. So she practised her Marathi diligently when it was time to meet hers. They got laughing in the first three minutes, and they still are, says Amanda

India Gains, Desis Don’t

Candidates of Indian origin who go the ‘American way’ do better than those who don’t

F16 Jets: To Buy or Not to Buy

The world’s biggest defence deal could come through soon. However, the US seems determined to change the rules midway.

Aspersion Syndrome

In casting doubt on US rescue missions, Stiglitz saves economics from autism charges.

Kidnapped by the State

A professor in the US takes up the cause of a terror detainee of Pakistani origin who, she says, is guilty only of being a Muslim and a critic of US policies.

The New Gold Rush

Gold coin peddlers in the US are selling the metal as one of three ways to stave off doom, God and guns being the other two. Rational investors, thankfully, remain calm.

The Switch

With China snatching pole position from the US, all bets are off. But we saw it coming—two decades ago.

Yes wwwe Can

President Obama has embraced technology as a change agent by appointing Aneesh Chopra America’s first ever CTO


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