US election

‘Silent Majority’

Swapan Dasgupta

These people often reply ‘don’t know’ if asked by pollsters and often stay at home on polling day out of sheer disgust

Uncle Joe In the Arena

Can Barack Obama’s former vice president stop Donald Trump?

Open Diary

The lack of intellectual diversity in English media

Trust in Trump

A hard bargain, but good for India

The B Factor in Trump’s Victory

The underrated power of boredom among the reasons for Trump’s victory

Donald Trump: The Ugly American

If Trump has achieved anything in this year-and-a-half of campaigning, it has been to drag a great national and party history through the mud 

Dented Trump

Hillary Clinton may have a slight advantage now but in its month-long denouement, the US presidential election is too close to call

Modi at Home and Abroad

What the Prime Minister should do to decouple his own image from that of Donald Trump

US Presidential Election Debates

Lincoln followed Douglas on his campaign trail, goading him from the audience


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