Higher education in India


And the game changing trends

The Legacy of Madan Mohan Malaviya

It varies even within his family

The Idea Deficit

The walled world of academia

The Death of UGC

Why India needs a new higher education regulator

Open Diary

Modi's unorthodox speech at Shantiniketan and Bengali 'intellectuals'

The Enigma of Aligarh

Charge him with separatism or uphold him as a visionary, Syed Ahmad Khan has left us plenty to puzzle out

Education: The Silk Route to Degrees

Can’t get into Oxbridge or Ivy League? There are cheaper and attractive options in Asia, Indian students find out

Internet Police on Campus

Alleged internet misuse is enough, it would seem, to suspend a student from the university. And this is not the only campus facing a clampdown.

Paradise Lost

Tagore did not want his Visva Bharati university to become an Oxford or Cambridge. Its administrators today are ensuring that it never will

At Home in JNU

Meet the man who can’t part ways with Jawaharlal Nehru University


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