Ukraine crisis

‘Kyiv now fights for the future of all human beings’

Rahul Pandita

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Musician, in coversation with Rahul Pandita

India an a Tight Rope

New Delhi balances ties with Russia and the West while keeping an eye on China

How Putin Has United America

Joe Biden is playing a convincing role in the crisis—for scant political reward

Borderland or Bloodland?

Geography as the determinant of Ukraine’s violent history

Is This the Beginning of A New World Order?

America sought the impossible, Russia the unattainable

Cancel Culture Evolves

The consequences of taking away Putin’s Taekwondo black belt

The New Cold War Begins

Joe Biden’s Containment 2.0 seeks to employ economic tools to undermine the Russian state. The strategy could prove counterproductive and divide the global economy into two competitive blocs. It will also raise international tensions and worsen America’s strategic overstretch

What Democracies Owe Ukraine

A federation of democracies can still save freedom—with ideals and arms

The Students’ Dilemma

The Ukraine crisis tosses up another chapter in India’s evacuation manual


World on the edge as Putin orders nuclear preparedness


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