The Pitch Update

Ullekh NP and Amita Shah

WhatsApp is expected to replace Facebook as the online battlefield in 2019

Open Diary

The use and abuse of Twitter

Dead Man Walking

From bell to bell, the fight lasted a total of three minutes, a minute-and-a-half shorter than his entrance. Even those three minutes felt like a stretch

A Variety of Absences

Sachin Tendulkar outside the field

The Instant Happening World

On Trump’s Twitter sacking spectacle and Indian viral video stars

Open Diary

The embarrassment of a hacked Twitter account and the experience of a budget speech

Gary Shteyngart: This Is a Blurber to Watch

Gary Shteyngart has brought a Russian-American sensibility to literary fiction to great comic effect. He talks about his next book and the new America

The Advantages of Indecency

On the strategic nastiness of Abhijeet, the troll

Cool and Vernacular

Digital India begins to speak in mother tongues. And it’s big business


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