Shame and Shamer

Madhavankutty Pillai

Heckling the powerful is risky but has its rewards in the social-networking era

The Problem with Moderating

Why Twitter needs to get out of censoring and suspending its users

Of Mahua Moitra and Plagiarism

Truth in the time of narrative wars

I, Chowkidar

Is Modi riding an Everyman wave?

The Limits of Behaviour Policing

The convoluted logic of BCCI asking Hardik Pandya to explain his thoughts at parties

He Wants to ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’

Holding a Mirror to the Racist Arrogance of Jack @Twitter

Me The People

From film sets to newsrooms, a new moral order emerges on gender relations

The Pitch Update

WhatsApp is expected to replace Facebook as the online battlefield in 2019

Open Diary

The use and abuse of Twitter

Dead Man Walking

From bell to bell, the fight lasted a total of three minutes, a minute-and-a-half shorter than his entrance. Even those three minutes felt like a stretch


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