The Beauty of Disruption

Bettany Hughes

Where East and West look hard and longingly at one another

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: The Cost of the Strongman

How Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s version of political Islam added to the chaos of the Middle East

Ataturk Airport Attack: Museum of Dissonance

The Ataturk airport attack is just the latest symptom of Turkey’s affliction

Brexit or Stay, Behold Boris the Outsider

On the eve of the EU referendum in Britain, it is the familiar story of the popular outsider pitted against the resented Establishment

Around the World in Weighty Days

There is much to worry about in the age of higher volatility and lesser leadership

Our Conscience Is Their Only Home

The Caliphate of Hate cannot be undone by military power alone

In Turkey, Silence Speaks

A prime minister once jailed for dissent can’t tolerate those who won’t sacrifice a park for ‘development’

The Earthquake in Turkey

Turkey is vulnerable to earthquakes because it sits on major geological faultlines.

No Country for Anorexics

Turkey isn’t for the weak-hearted. Much like the overwhelming flavours of its food, you must have a taste for adventure to discover the soul of the country.

My Life as an Extra

She’s the girl whose head is mercilessly hacked in a shot, the faceless girl who merges into the background. But Shubhangi Swarup trains rigorously and breathes professionalism. Because she believes in putting in that little bit extra.


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