The Next Surge

A fine balance between creativity and caution

Rim of Life

A story of the Indian Ocean that goes beyond the usual sword and battlefield narratives of history

The Tyranny of Comparison

The look-at-China syndrome makes no sense, argues Suhel Seth as he weighs Asia’s two biggest national brands

The World according to Gaar

The pressure that global capital exerts on Indian policy has never been so obvious, and it sure feels creepy

Making Mutual Music

For the first time ever, India has okayed foreign direct investment from Pakistan

The $1 Trillion Opportunity

The treasure trove of wealth under Afghan soil is an attraction alright, but security nightmares dominate. Is there a way around them?

Red Storm Rising

Tiananmen is long past. Right now, it’s time to wake up and smell the gunpowder. As the Asian Century unfolds, India must get its act together to prevent its powerful northern neighbour from usurping the country’s future


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