Colonialism 3.0

Minhaz Merchant

The West’s new weapons to keep the world in line

Cocooned in Time

A cultural and biological history of silk

Fixing Climate Justice

The European Union’s new carbon levy violates every tenet of fair trade

Woven In Time

Celebrating the diversity of Indian textiles along the Spice Route

A Bridge across Rivers

Love and war in Portugal and India in the 16th century

Tech, trade, food security, anti-graft action on G20 table

Building resilience in the global economy and use of technology in governance and fighting crime are on the agenda of the concluding day of the sherpas meeting today

India’s IPEF move builds strategic coalitions to counter China

New Delhi does not sign trade component but in sync on supply chains, clean energy

A God for Small Things

The Indus Civilisation can teach us much about equality and harmony, aesthetics and planning

A Bridge to Abu Dhabi

The economic partnership agreement with UAE conveys India’s openness to trade in an increasingly protectionist world

The Mystery of the Indus Valley Language

Could a word for elephant in ancient Mesopotamia be the elusive connect between Harappans and Dravidians?


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