Kidnapped by the State

Amitava Kumar

A professor in the US takes up the cause of a terror detainee of Pakistani origin who, she says, is guilty only of being a Muslim and a critic of US policies.

Innocence Lost

Amitava Kumar’s book deals with one of the most complex problems of our time: crimes committed by the State in the garb of fighting a war on terror.

A Degree in Terrorism

Be they hotel management grads or MBAs, students line up for a course that probes the mind of a terrorist.

David Coleman Headley

Headley is believed to have visited India seven times between 2006 and 2008 to plan terror attacks

Still Sitting Ducks

How long do we go on congratulating ourselves for our resilience? Can we ever hit back at terror? Our intelligence and response systems are still in disarray, our shores remain extremely porous. India needs to get its act together very quickly

Chasing a War

In his latest book, Imtiaz Gul gives a view of Al-Qaeda from within Pakistan. He speaks of tension within the terror group, and how India bungled a chance for peace in Kashmir

For God’s Sake?

Doubting the faith that drives us

Terror in the Time of TV

Or when the calamity of others became the most riveting form of entertainment.


The lesson from Kashmir, the most militarised region in the world, is that domination does not mean victory


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