Across the Pir Panjal

Rahul Pandita

Are Pakistan-based terrorists looking to open new battlefields in the Jammu region?

The Threat from the Sky

Hamas terrorists on paragliders have set a new precedent in asymmetrical warfare. India must keep its guard up

Kashmir: Dateline Fear

Behind the recent threat to journalists in Kashmir is a war of narratives

Yasin Malik: The Conspirator

His conviction in a terror-funding case could be the beginning of the long shadow of retribution

Lone Sister of the Islamist Brotherhood

The sinister story of a bright neuroscientist who ended up as ‘Lady Al-Qaeda’

The Axis of Jihad

Why the war on terror is failing

Kashmir: The Enemy Within

The arrest of a senior government functionary in Kashmir reveals the deep penetration of jihadi elements

Kandahar 1999: Story of a Hijacking

The first-person narrative recalls the drama that kept India awake for seven fateful nights


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