Indebted to Pleasure

Shylashri Shankar

We now break more food boundaries for the pure joy of it

The Taste in Memory

Modern day tasting menus make us long for festival food

The Body Politics of Taste

What our ancestors ate continues to influence our palate

The Disputed Ancestry of Taste

Who will choose the winner in vegetables versus meat?

Food: Gourmands versus stoics

At birth, we all have about 10,000 taste buds scattered on the back, sides and tip of the tongue. But just like with the brain’s grey cells, we still don’t know why some use more of their taste buds than others

Greeks, Dukes And the Art of a Perfect Diet

The problem we face today in India and many other parts of the world is that we straddle two conflicting ways of thinking about the relationship between health, food and taste

Out for a Duck

At Rs 8,500, the Peking Duck is the most expensive dish on the menu of Hakkasan, a restaurant that has many of Mumbai’s swish set as patrons. But let’s just say it’s an acquired taste

The Taste of Smell

The impact of smell on taste is known to all, but even your sense of taste may influence what you smell.


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