Tamil cinema

Game Over Movie Review

Ajit Duara

‘Game Over', which was shot in Tamil and Telugu, and is now dubbed in Hindi, has a few genuinely scary scenes, but it is too schematic in structure and theme to work as a reflective thriller

Tamil Cinema: Independence Day

The female lead in Tamil cinema is finally moving beyond stereotypes

Game of Clones

The movie Sarkar adds some more elements to the Tamil political drama

Farewell, Our Chandni of Moonlit Romance

She could change expressions as quickly as clouds pass over the sun. In moments, it could change from sad, happy, adoring or scared to surprise. Her huge eyes with long lashes seem too exaggerated to be real, and when she rolls them in silliness, winks in naughtiness or fills them with tears, they are unmissable. She wrinkles her nose and pouts, bites her lip and smiles

Our Lady of Desire

Sridevi and the beautiful symmetry of destiny and daring

Thank You for Being the One

“It’s not easy to be an actor. These girls will never know what it takes and how much one has to sacrifice,” she said to me that day as her elder daughter Janhvi threw a tantrum about her make-up. Fan, critic and actor Divya Unny remembers

The Girl with a Halo

For the original Queen of the South, some dreams still remained unfulfilled

The Power of Two

Kamal Haasan has drawn out a light sabre, but Rajinikanth appears to have put his aside

Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth: Star Wars

They are the twin pillars of heroism in Tamil cinema. Will Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth now reinvent heroism in Tamil politics?

Safe Gambles of Superstars

Pulimurugan is an absurd movie and so a natural fit for Salman Khan


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