Maps and Mavericks

Shail Desai

A well-rounded and engaging summary of how Imperial Russia and Great Britain tussled over Central Asia

The Burden of Socialism

Private capital and national planning

Drones: Vipul Singh, 26 Co-Founder, Aarav Unmanned System

“When you are venturing into an emerging market, it is important to dedicate time to creating awareness”

The ‘Ignorance’ of India

Surveys become talking points and trending topics on social media. Perhaps that is their only purpose, for it is hard to imagine what such findings are useful for

Abuse of the Elderly

A survey shows that sons and their wives are the main tormentors of ageing parents

The College-goer’s Political Mind

A recent survey conducted among students in Delhi reveals that most are moderates

Sex Work and the City

In Chennai, husbands don’t know their wives are sex workers, finds an unusual survey

No Sex Please, We’re Pakistani

The Newsline sex survey, titled ‘Sex and the Pakistani Woman’, might lead some readers to believe it may be about sex and the Pakistani woman. It isn’t.

Boy Who Burst out of His Bubble

He spoke of his Dream India where everyone could dream freely. Tsk, tsk, we said. Then came the electoral tests. He lost some, won some. But now he finally has our attention.

Wanted Men

A new Mumbai-Delhi survey reveals what women look for in their men


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