The Sun’s Flowers

Shylashri Shankar

In summer the whole effort in a garden is geared towards saving the plants

The Promise of Summer

But in Indian cinema it’s oppressive and unpleasant


There was no malice at heart, only relief—the gratitude for leaving graveyards on feet

Mumbai Notebook

Mumbai commuters left in the lurch

The Road to Somewhere

Whether you want to hear the cracking of glaciers or have lions look through your car window, one of these could be the road trip of a lifetime

7 shades of summer

Madhavankutty Pillai • Gunjeet Sra • Sunaina Kumar • Aastha Atray Banan • Aanchal Bansal • Rajni George • Shaikh Ayaz • Lhendup G Bhutia • and others

Three triple roles, big budget masala and horror noir

Will the same old formula with the same old superstar be enough for the same old audience?

Around the world in 80 minutes

India’s avant-garde filmmakers recommend world cinema classics that shaped them

The replacement thrillers

Who are the new Stieg Larssons? This season’s crime novels are bigger, badder and sometimes better


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