The Ban That Must Not Be

Nandini Nair

The Adivasi Will Not Dance tells of a Santhal worldview that is all too often ignored

Anees Salim: The Solitary Reaper

Anees Salim first found a licence to fantasise in his hometown of Varkala in Kerala. In his latest novel he returns to the sea with a scathingly funny, achingly sad story

Speak, Memory

When half-remembered stories from the past become shadowy foundations of the present

Suketu Mehta: City Slicker

The chronicler of metropolises returns to fiction to tell the story of memory and displacement

Cop Land

Anita Nair’s second Inspector Gowda offering is on the horrors of child trafficking and sexual abuse

Deep Within

These stories reveal the fragility of the mind and the capacity of the heart

Books Do Matter. Or Do They?

Reading into the Jaipur Literature Festival

The City, the Stroller and the Comic Strip

Three artists explore the joys of city strolling and mining its stories. On display under a single roof in a Bangalore gallery are the pleasures of flânerie

My Undying Love Affair

Why, after so many years, am I so in Bollywood’s thrall? It’s the stories, really. The ones you never see turned into films

All-new Templates

As Indian graphic novels evolve, they are taking some unfamiliar, unIndian turns, if still to tell familiar stories


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