Metaphorical Malayalee

Madhulika Liddle

A portrait of Kerala in fifty stories


A cultural portrait of the Indian cat

Home Truths

Stories on the best and worst of life

Grooving Granny

Stories for young readers, from grandparents who audition for dance shows to a scatological mystery in an apartment block

AI and the Death of Liberal Arts

The cognitive gap caused by machines is set to widen

A Dragon in the Garden

When people encounter the unknown

Goa of the Mind

Imagining the sweep of diversity

Theatre of the Everyday

S Hareesh’s short stories highlight his ability to work in the epic and mundane mode at the same time

Haruki Murakami: Enchanter Emeritus

The familiar and the fantastical permeate a new collection of stories by Haruki Murakami

Feasting on Fear

Inside the subcontinent’s house of spirits


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