The Valley of One

Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

Stories of reconciliation from Kashmir

Caprice and Quirks

Sumana Roy writes of characters troubled by curious ailments

City and Village

Short stories where the believable and unbelievable co-exist

Notes of Misadventure

Shubha Mudgal marks her fiction debut with a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek collection of stories set in the Hindustani classical music world

Strangely Familiar

When the everyday seems like a hyper-real dream

Passion Plays

Love is a dish best served cold

The Act of Remembering

Lost stories of the Andaman Islands as historical fiction

An Illusory Universe

NS Harsha evokes many worlds within one in his art

Where the Guest is God

The Indian service industry

Higher Calling

Imagining the Himalayas


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