2023: A Space Odyssey

V Shoba

Over a hundred startups are putting India on the road to becoming a major player in the global space economy. Their services range from building rockets, providing rideshares for micro and small satellites to launching space balloons for tourism, streaming live HD video from satellites and more

Liberating India’s Muslims

Religious leaders, politicians and born-again liberals impede their progress

Old Fears and New Hopes

The Indian economy is in a stronger position today to manage the consequences of a third wave of Covid

Heart and Sole

Homegrown men’s shoes startups are finding a foothold

Go the Distance

More regulatory reforms instead of stimulus packages please

Tinkered, Not Tailored

Start-ups are enthused by Budget recommendations, but want more concrete steps to help them grow at a faster clip

Angel Tax is a Highway to Hell

It is single-handedly responsible for the dominance of foreign capital in Indian start-ups

Where Are You, Genius?

A pause in India’s information revolution

Cryptocurrency: Coin Your Future

Indian startups have begun to issue their own cryptocurrencies to raise funds

Bounce-Back Thrills

Our idea of wealth has changed and so has our need of heroes


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